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Ground calcium carbonate (GCC) secures great benefits to the numerous types of plastics. GCC is known for its ability to increase rigidity and improve some mechanical properties for plastics such as tensile strength and impact strength. Our exceptionally white limestone products are valuable for the use in uPVC and other polymers applications.
Ground calcium carbonate (GCC), treated with stearic acid is a desired ingredient in the PVC cable formulations due to its economic advantage and its characteristics that contribute to achieving the desired electrical, mechanical and thermal properties.
Master Batch
Pipes & Fittings
ACCM products with fine particle size and stearate coating give good mechanical and optical properties with the required toughness and tensile strength for this application.
Rubber Moldings/Extrusions
ACCM products with their exceptional whiteness, good dispersion and low oil absorption properties are an excellent filler for these applications