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The Company
Who We Are:

We are a subsidiary of ASEC Company For Mining, a prominent leader in the Egyptian market in the domain of geology and mining for over 25 years. www.ascom.com.eg
ACCM started its production operations in 2009, with a vision of progressive successes in the field of industrial minerals where we are promoting ourselves with a range of reliable products which serve the diversified industries such as paper, plastics, paints, coatings construction, and other applications.

Vision / Mission:

Aiming to create value for our customers and shareholders through our committed and innovative team and the utilization of our high quality mineral reserves.

In order to do this, we focus on listening to our customers and understanding their needs for today and tomorrow while providing them with the cost effective solutions they need through using our products manufactured from Ground Calcium Carbonate (GCC).

ACCM is committed to deliver ensuring compliance with the highest ethical, environmental and safety standards, providing our people with a motivating, rewarding and a healthy environment.

Our Product:

ACCM offers a wide range of GCC products to the market from lump form to the superfine grades of 80% < 2 microns manufactured in our state of the art milling plant, utilizing Alpine Hosokawa technology. We provide the advantage of tailor made products for our global key customers.  At the same time, ACCM actively monitors both market and customer trends to help  guide our products’ development for the future.

With our exceptionally high brightness products,  we  focus on  meeting and exceeding the utmost performance expectations  of the market . Sold under the ACCM trademark, our products are marketed in many different geographies around the world and in diversified industrial applications including paints, polymers, paper filling and coating, adhesives, sealants, rubber, caulks and in construction products, glass , etc. 

We sell our products directly through our sales team or through our distributors network.

For further details, please contact us.

ACCM is very pleased to announce the launch of a new range of graded GCC products targeted at a wide range of industries produced through our new ventoplex classifier from Alpine Hosokawa and sizer from Mogansen. This new ASCOM range with its consistent quality and competitive pricing is set for high growth.

New Products

Our Plant:

Our newest dry milling line is now in full production and sold out as of April 2013. The new mill utilizes Alpine Hosakawa milling technology and the latest classifier technology (TTD). The mill is capable of producing Ascom 17 though to Ascom 50 and towards the end of this year will also be able to produce coated grades . The new wet milling line is currently in the commissioning and start –up phase and will be producing Ascom 60, Ascom 70 and up to Ascom 95 grades from July 2013. The wet milling line also has the capability to produce all coated grades . This doubling of our milling capacity enables ACCM to continue its strategy of fast growth to the key export markets of India, MENA, Africa and the Gulf regions

In further news , ACCM have been selected by the World’s largest Producer of Fibre Glass insulation, Jushi to be their major supplier for high quality Limestone for their new production facility in Sokhna, Egypt. This is Jushi's first major production operation outside of China and the new site will be starting production in July 2013. With planned expansions in place already, ACCM and Jushi have signed a contract for supply and are looking at a long term cooperation that will see rapid growth in consumption of the high quality limestone supplied by ACCM . The product, Ascom 10 is produced using state of the art classification equipment provided by Alpine Hosokawa form the Minya production facility. The first shipments are starting in June 2013 by bulk truck

Our Mines:

El Minya region in Egypt is home to one of the world's largest and highest quality limestone deposits, with brightness levels of 97% and a CaCO3 content of 99.6%, we ensure an edge for our product within a wide range of applications and markets.

To successfully manage our reserve, we have carefully selected a team of dedicated , highly experienced and committed geologists, utilizing the latest technologies and processes to develop and implement effective mining plans providing the highest quality, cost effective limestone feed to our modern and large crushers.

The crusher site installation is at the mining area and consists of an apron feeder, a primary crusher and two secondary crushers, and vibrating screen. The crushed product is stored in a 500 tons silo and then transported to the plant for further milling. The crusher capacity of more than 500kt per year feeds our two production sites in the Minya region.