​Focusing on ground calcium carbonate (GCC), ACCM has secured the purest and brightest mines and utilize them with the highest sustainability standards while respecting the environment for both now and the future.

The raw material is treated in state-of-the-art facilities where it undergoes several stages of processing, all fully automated, to ensure the most consistent quality for the end user. These automated processes have been developed and continuously improved, by this outstanding experience we guarantee that particle size distribution and brightness are perfectly adapted to the application.

ACCM Plants and products have been certified according to international quality, health & safety and environmental standards (ISO, OHSAS).

We aim for safe and incident-free operations throughout the world. ACCM considers regulatory compliance as a minimum requirement in its overall sustainability strategy.

ACCM utilizes the latest technology provided by the top-notch machinery manufacturing in the world, to guarantee our standard products specifications.  Meanwhile, ACCM technical team strives towards developing and implementing new products and applications, as well as improving existing ones. This includes developing new calcium carbonate grades that are tailor-made for specific needs within a given industrial segment or optimizing existing products according to the changing needs in a dynamic industrial environment.

ACCM has a plan for 2020 is to be the biggest supplier for high quality ground calcium carbonate in the MEA region, this why we have a plan to expand our existing capacity by 50% more to achieve 400kt/annum.